Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Are you still there?

Why do I sometimes go for days without posting? Anybody want to guess?

Oh, I'm not sure. Maybe it gives me a feeling of power to randomly say, "I'm not going to blog - so there!" Maybe I like the freedom of being unplugged, and knowing that nobody outside of this city knows what I'm doing. Maybe this one tiny act makes me feel strong and unhindered.

If we psychoanalyzed this long enough, I'm sure we could deduce some really weird things about me.

But we won't. Okay?

I was really on a roll with this blog. I felt good about posting so often. Then my computer got a virus. Oh, the things we don't miss 'til we don't have them!!

But that excuse for not blogging has been gone now for - what has it been? two weeks? more? Thanks in a large part to my darling brother, my computer has been functioning just fine for some time now. And still no new post. Just because I like feeling free.

To apologize for this long absence, I have a special post in mind. A video blog.


Of course not. Not just based on that skimpy information. So let me tell you what the video is of.

Me. (Surprised?) Cutting my hair.

Yes, my own hair. And no, not just the bangs or whatever. All the hair. With layers and tapers and everything.

I've cut my own hair for years now. Of course, at the moment I'm trying to sound big and dramatic in the above paragraphs (is it a paragraph when it's only two phrases long?), but in reality, it's not such a big deal.

Unless you are interested in knowing how to cut your own hair. And save money. And make it exactly the length you want. And save money. And... I guess that's about it.

Anyway, this video is about 6 weeks old, but I filmed it especially for you. Feel privileged; it isn't anybody who could get me to post videos of myself dressed in a sloppy T-shirt and attacking myself with the scissors while my hair is pinned up in random places all over my head.    

Would you like to see how I cut my own hair? You must let me know, because if you don't really, really want to see it, there's no way I'm posting it. :)


  1. I would really, REALLY love to see you cut your hair!! :D

  2. I would love to see you cutting your hair!
    I've been cutting mine for a long time as well, I would love to see if you have any tips that I didn't now about :)

  3. I do!!! Because I always like yours and I would like to know how to cut mine!


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