How I Do Things

Okay - quick overview on how things work here!

You will notice that the pictures on this blog are not the glamorous photos you'll find elsewhere on many fashion blogs, and for that I apologize. But I live a life in which taking pictures of myself is not a priority, and I feel like I'm doing good to snap a quick shot and actually get it uploaded onto a blog. The main point is to show the general feel of an outfit, rather than focus on details. I'd love to get better at this someday, but for now...

My Mirror. Oh yes. That mirror. I feel like I should explain the writing on my mirror.

Some time ago I was informed that dry erase markers work on glass. Since then I have found much pleasure in writing on my mirror. Usually it's a bit of scripture to think about as I view the mirror throughout the day. It's a nice thing to view the world through God's Word, no?

I'm sorry if the writing is distracting in the pictures, but perhaps you'll get some entertainment from seeing the message change from time to time. And if you see smudges from when my hand rested on the mirror as I was writing...well, just pretend you didn't notice.

I'm unmarried, but not "single"; I'm a part of a loving family unit, and my role is that of daughter and sister. I also wear other hats; writer, web store administrator, tutor, baker, soul-winner, musician, seamstress, and gardener. You will see that my outfits reflect my lifestyle, and my activities, which vary from day to day.

I am a cheap-o, and the average price of items in my closet is probably $3.00.

I also like to see how many different outfits I can get out of a limited number of items. You will see pieces used and reused and reused in my wardrobe. I store out-of-season clothing in a separate place, but in my bedroom all my clothing is contained in a 4'-wide closet. (Except for when it occupies a chair, or bed, or laundry pile....) I like the challenge of making less do more.

There are many more random notes I could make, but I'll save them for future posts. For now, just know that I'm not a professional blogger or fashionista, but I'm having fun! 


  1. I am so glad that we met a few years ago! I enjoy getting to know you better through your writing and now seeing more of your personality through your outfits :)

    Your explanation on Why Be Different was great! I love your thought process :)

    1. I'm glad we met, too. :) And thank you.


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