Thursday, March 1, 2012

Church and Snow

This isn't my favorite outfit ever, but since I took a picture of it I thought I'd share it.

The reason I probably came up with this is because I've been challenging myself to create outfits I've never worn before. So far I've gone....oh, I don't know....maybe a month without repeating an outfit. (Can't remember exactly when I started.)

This was an outfit I wore to church on a cold day. That evening it snowed and we got stuck at the end of our road trying to go to evening service. Thankfully we were within walking distance of our house. While the guys worked on getting chains on the van tires, my younger sisters and I tramped through the snow for about 7-8 minutes or so to get back to the house. So glad I wore boots!

Skirt - Goodwill purchase, years and years ago. I love the cut. I've copied it to make skirts from other fabrics.
Shirt - Hand-me-down from a friend. Black cowl-neck sweater, which I have recieved lots of compliments on. The fact that you can't see it very well is probably the reason I don't like this outfit very much. :) :) :)
Cardigan - my trusty red hand-me-down from my older sister.
Boots - Black suede. From WalMart, bought by Mom for me a few years ago.
I'm also obviously wearing a necklace, but I can't remember which one it is.

The best thing about this outfit is that it was warm!

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