Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Walk on the Wild Side

Is it okay for a Christian girl to be "wild"?

I guess it depends on your definition of "wild." Usually I would say no, wild is not a good idea. Lively, yes. Happy, yes. Bubbly, yes. Wild? Nah. That makes me think "rebel."

There are certain "looks" that I try to avoid just because of what I associate with them, or what I know others associate with them.

The hippie movement, for instance. I'm not a fan of most of that. And the outfit I'm wearing in this post definitely has some hippie influence somewhere. ...I think. It's got something.

I'm not sure why I wore this. I think it's because I wanted to feel daring, and because I loved the bold colors. This could be tame for some people, but for me it was totally outside of my normal box.

You see? Sometimes even I do spontaneous stuff.

Let's look at the outfit first, then discuss it.

Blue Knit Tunic - made it myself. Very simple project. Free fabric.
Pink Cardigan - Hand-me-down from Mom. LOVE THE COLOR!
Necklace - another hand-me-down from Mom
Scarf - Good Will ($1.00)
Black Belt - Good Will
Black Ballet flats - on sale at Payless
And oh look - I'm wearing jeans! Made these myself. Discussion coming up.

Okay, besides the fact that this is a cheap outfit, what do I like about this combo? No - actually - let's start with what I don't like.

I don't like the bling. Too much of something somewhere.
I don't like the fact that it reminds me of somebody trying to buck all standards and stand out. Like I said, in some circles this would be a pitifully tame outfit, but I'm just discussing how it makes me feel. Remember, we dress from the inside out.
I also think it's a little too flowy everywhere for my height. Every item is baggy.

Now, what do I like? I love the color. That cotton-candy pink is so yummy. And I like how the gold in the scarf and in the necklace match. I also like the belt.

A word about my jeans. I know everybody has different opinions on whether or not women should wear pants, and if they should, what kind they should wear. Like I've said elsewhere, my standards are simple; the Bible says keep it modest, and feminine.

I used to think that anything that had two legs wasn't woman's clothes, and hence wasn't feminine, but then I saw pictures of women in Asian countries wearing loose pants under tunics, and realized I was imposing American tradition on my definition.

But I don't like to show every curve in my lower half, either. That might be feminine, but it certainly isn't modest.

I came to the conclusion and personal conviction that wearing "something with two legs" isn't forbidden in Scripture, but I also arrived at the discovery that I couldn't find anything with two legs that I wanted to wear out of my bedroom!

My solution was to sew pants I felt "covered" in. And that's what I'm wearing in the above photos. (They are loose, but not quite as baggy as they appear in this outfit. It's just the way I'm standing.)

But, just for the record, my dad tells me, whenever I ask him, that he thinks I'm prettier in skirts, so guess what I like wearing more? :) :) :)

Anyway....long rabbit trail.

Would you like a random piece of news?

I wore this outfit to vote last year. A lady working the booths asked me if I had just gotten off of work. I said that no, I had been home all day, and I guess my tone was inquisitive. She tried to explain by gesturing to my outfit. I guess she's not used to seeing girls who "dress up" to stay home.

....From the looks of the other girls voting that day....I understand where she was coming from.

But you know what? My outfit still didn't help my apparent age. The people passing out voters' information outside the place, as we were walking in, still by-passed me as too young to vote!

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