Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Favorite Outfit

This is an outfit from a couple of months ago, but I just had to share it because I love it. This is another outfit that I wore to volunteer at the Crisis Pregnancy Center. (You'll probably be seeing a lot of those.)

Sorry about all the "stuff" in the picture - this was before Christmas, and I was hiding packages under bedsheets in my bedroom. Fun times!

Okay - outfit details.

Jean Skirt - one of my staples. You'll see this a lot in future pictures. I think it was a hand-me-down.
White Blouse - this is actually a tunic. I love the idea of using it as both a tunic (un-tucked) and a blouse (tucked into the waist). Because I'm long-waisted, I usually have trouble getting shirts to stay tucked in, but not when it's this long! This was from Good Will.
Purple cardigan - Christmas gift from my aunt. Love the color! I think one pop of color on a "plain" outfit like this is what really says "I put some thought into my outfit today." Don't be afraid of color! Haven't you ever seen wildflowers?
Scarf - speaking of not being afraid; plain outfits can benefit from a pop of pattern as well as color. This black-and-white leopard print adds just a touch of zing, but in a classic way, tied in a vintage way around the neck. I don't usually button my shirts all the way to the tippy-top button, but with this it works. Good Will - $1.00
Black Belt - Also Good Will. Took me FOREVER to find a wide black belt that fit! But I wear this one a LOT. Definitely a staple.
Can't see these very well, but I'm also wearing black tights and black ballet flats.

So, do you mind me analyzing each piece of my outfits? I think it's much more fun than just listing them and leaving it at that. It's nice to figure out why and outfit works, and what the strengths of each item are. After all, isn't knowing how to really use each item in your closet true efficiency?

So what's your opinion of pops of color and print? Are you afraid of them? Have a favorite way to incorporate them into your outfits? They truly aren't big and bad in and of themselves - it's all in the way you use them! They can be powerful tools for adding cheer to your day. :) :)

So smile and wear something that makes others smile!

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  1. Keep up the posts! I love reading your thought behind your outfits. :) I'm going to start doing the same thing, it's just that I need to get a full-length mirror in my house because these kinds of shots in the law school bathroom mirror are a little awkward to public publishing. ;)


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