Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Modest March Fashion Week Day 2....or is it Day 4?

Well, I was in the middle of writing my second "Modest March Fashion Week" post yesterday evening, when a lovely lighting storm hit our neighborhood. I get thrills listening to heavy thunder, but the idea of using an electrical machine while doing so wasn't appealing. So off went the computer.

After the storm was over, our internet wasn't working. The wind must have knocked over something important somewhere.

But it's back in commission today, so I'll jump along and give you my second outfit for the week....which I think is "Day 4 - Favorite Colors."

Agh! So so so so SO hard! I ADORE color, and to pick which outfit to share is a formidable task.

Well, I have lots of photos of outfits from the past few months, and I'd better share them fast before no one is interested in cold-weather clothes! Oh - happy Spring, by the way! Don't you just LOVE warmer weather? Our sunshine, light breeze, and perfect level of warmth has been amazing for nearly two weeks now. I don't want it to end! Thank You, God, for Spring!

Okay. The outfit.

This outfit is a bit on the low-key side when it comes to colors, but I chose it because it's most realistic of my typical choices for everyday wear.

Shirt - I have to start with this sweater because I love it. Besides, it is THE color in this outfit! I got it at Good Will in almost-new condition. I love yellow, and mustard gold is one of the few shades of it I can wear without looking deathly ill. It's a lightweight knit, which is nice for layering, and there are several details you can't see well in this picture, like white leafy patterns on the front, and gatherings at the shoulder.
Skirt - You've seen this before, I think. Hand-me-down from a friend. I wear this brown flared skirt a LOT, and I'm thinking of copying it and sewing other skirts in the same pattern, because it fits so well and is so comfortable.
Grey Long Sweater - Found this for 6 or 7 dollars at a Children's Thrift Store/Boutique. Just goes to show you never know where you'll find a good buy! It fits just fine, and I LOVE the big chunky buttons.
I'm wearing brown leggings from WalMart, and my $5.00 Good Will boots.
I'm also wearing a brown bead bracelet from a yard sale, and a necklace that has certain sentimental connections for me.

I loved this outfit, but the only thing I can think of while looking at it just now is, "Give me Spring!"

What about you? Are you ready to wish your winter clothes a fond farewell, or will you miss them when they are packed away?


  1. Lovely! Gold is a beautiful color.:)

  2. Nice outfit Amber! I'm ready to put away my Winter clothes... I love Spring/Summer.... it doesn't seem like much of a transition this year though, because ours was so mild :)


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